Our Projects

The Khadija Centre

The facility has a full time Clinic Officer (Nurse Practitioner) and a Nurse to attend to the Community needs in areas such as Malaria, Typhoid, Cholera, Prenatal Care, and Child Care. Part of the clinic activities is generously sponsored by Doctors Worldwide. Due to our current success and the demand from the community, we are planning to expand the facility to accommodate this demand (seeking funding for this expansion).

Since the initiation of these services, we have discovered an alarming trend in HIV positive patients percentages visiting us. We are currently under equipped (resource and funding) to address this critical needs in testing, treatment, and/or counseling this population group. Where you can make difference:

  • Help to initiate a HIV program (prevention, testing, treatment, counseling)
  • Help to expand facility
  • Help with general up keep and fix costs (salaries)

Community Sustainability

The Khadija Centre has a mission to provide free sustainable clean water supply to the broader community surrounding the centre. To accomplish this mission, a water bore hole project has been initiated. Due to the complex geology in the area, the dig has stopped at 85 feet deep. To complete this project, more sophisticated drilling equipment is being sought.

The centre welcomes any ideas and help in supporting sustainability based programs (solar power, biomass, etc.) Where you can make difference:

  • Help to fund current program (dig, pump, plumbing, etc.)
  • Help initiating an new additional programs of your choice (farming, solar panels, etc.)

Khadija Orphanage

Subject to availability of funds, Khadija Centre Rabai will build an orphanage to accommodate approximately fifty children. It will take in children between the ages of three and five years and will be hosted till they complete their primary education (~ 11 years). The orphans will have full access to Khadija Centre School.

Experienced staff will provide family atmosphere to the orphans. Children will be taught fraternity and learn to treat each other as brothers and sisters. They will learn responsibility, discipline and good manners. Human values of charity, philanthropy and honesty will also be emphasised. The orphanage will focus on a balanced upbringing including nutrition, healthcare, education and emotional development.

The planned facilities will include: accommodation, meals, and recreational areas. Khadija Centre considers all children as an extended family, where they recover their lost opportunities of growth. They will be raised to honour their culture and become contributing members of the society. Where you can make difference:

  • Help to fund on going suppliers (textbooks, stationary, etc.)
  • Help with general up keep and fix costs (salaries, repairs etc.)
  • Help with the feeding program
  • Help with the clothing program

Education Centre

The Centre provides an Integrated Education Syllabus for Kindergarten, Madrasa, and Primary School. Dedicated staff is hosted by the Centre to dispense quality teaching and activities. The curriculum is accredited by the Kenyan Education System. It comprises the following grades:

  • Kindergarten 1 to 3
  • Madrasa
  • Primary Standard 1 to 8

Additionally, AELTA (www.aelta.org) has volunteered to advice on educational planning, providing free resources for teachers, and curriculum development for the kindergarten.

The curriculum is especially designed to build a strong educational and moral foundation. Its goal is to help needy children get free education during their formative years. It aims also at enabling them to grow with the necessary skills to continue their life and become responsible and respectable members of the society.
Among the subjects taught at the Centre are Reading and Writing, English, Mathematics, Geography and Religion. Supervised outdoors activities are also available and include Football, Volley-ball and Net-ball. Environmental activities are also provided to raise the children awareness of their surrounding world. These include tree planting, care for plants, and basic farming skills.

To ensure an environment for best learning, the centre provides all children with at least two free meals, as most of them come from under privileged homes and often suffer from malnutrition.

Where you can make difference:

  • Help to fund on going suppliers (textbooks, stationary, etc.)
  • Help to build and equip a library
  • Help with general up keep and fix costs (teacher salaries, repairs etc.)
  • Help with the feeding program
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